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If you have any other questions or need additional support, please contact us! The EVgo Charging Crew is available for urgent issues by phone 24/7, 365 days a year at 877-494-3833. If you have any non-urgent questions or feedback, submit a request! Our team will get back to you within 1-2 business days on any matters.



About EVgo chargers

EVgo is one of the largest public fast-charging networks for electric vehicles in the nation, powered by 100% renewable energy. With more than 850 EV fast charging stations throughout more than 30 states and over 60 metropolitan areas and growing, you can find a convenient and reliable EVgo electric vehicle charging station near you.

You can find some commonly asked questions about our chargers below:

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What different types of EV charging does EVgo offer?

EVgo supports charging for Battery Electric Vehicle (BEVs) and Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PHEVs). More on unsupported charging. Within our network, drivers can find stations that support any of the below:


If you're unsure whether your vehicle is supported, you can check here for your car and its charger! https://www.evgo.com/ev-drivers/types-of-evs/ 

Reminder: Each EVgo station is a little bit different! Some locations may support multiple types of charging with multiple connector types while others may only support one of the charging methods that our network offers. Please be sure to use appropriate filters when searching the EVgo network to ensure you find a location that meets your needs every time. 

You can check out the EVgo map to find a location or station type near you: https://www.evgo.com/find-a-charger/ 


Is there anything I should know before charging with EVgo?

Public fast chargers are different than chargers at home or in workplaces. The connectors differ, and there is more to know about troubleshooting with higher-powered chargers. Many manufacturers know this and will provide resources for you related to using fast chargers.

We always recommend taking a few moments to do some research before your first time at a fast charger. You can:

  • Ensure EVgo will work for your needs, like your location or vehicle:
  • Review your vehicle's Owner's Manual for details about using the fast charger ports
  • Search online for resources, like videos or community forums, where EV makers and other drivers provide valuable insight into charging experiences (luckily the EV community loves to share!)
  • Check out EVgo's EV101 to learn more about EV charging: https://www.evgo.com/ev101/ 
  • Create your EVgo account ahead of time!
    • You can enroll in our Pay As You Go plan for no monthly fee to get started (more on plans here: Plans and Pricing FAQs)
    • Adding your vehicle will ensure you only see locations that suit your charging plug needs
    • Having your EVgo program card ready and activated always makes charging easier!
  • Contact the EVgo Charging Crew for more support on getting started!


Will EVgo continue to support CHAdeMO connectors?

While most manufacturers seem to be moving toward CCS connectors, EVgo plans to continue offering CHAdeMO connectors as well as CCS connectors wherever possible. EVgo has no plans to phase out CHAdeMO connectors at this time! 

You can filter by connector type in the EVgo app to select CHAdeMO only. Jump to our section below to learn more!


Does EVgo offer fast charging?

Yes! Within our network, we offer more than 850 fast charging locations that serve all fast-charge-capable battery electric vehicles (BEVs). EVgo fast chargers offer 50kW or greater and can charge any EV that accepts a fast charge, from LEAFs and BMWs and even Tesla Models 3/X/S/Y. We have an interactive resource where you can confirm whether your vehicle is fast-charge capable: https://www.evgo.com/ev-drivers/types-of-evs/#3 


How is fast charging different from charging at home?

When you purchase your electric vehicle, you will be provided with an adapter to charge at home. Most at-home charging is known as Level 1 (or L1, with a standard wall plug) and Level 2 (or L2, requiring at least a 240v outlet and often professionally installed). The L1 and L2 chargers are by far the simplest to use; however, they take a significant amount of time to fully charge your vehicle (at least 4-5 hours for an L2 charger and up to 24 hours for L1).

L1 and L2 chargers are also generally the most gentle on your vehicle's battery. The slow and steady flow of electricity will never overwhelm your battery, regardless of its state at the time of charging (battery level, recent usage, even the weather can impact the battery).

The slow rate of charging is just fine when your vehicle is safely parked and charging overnight, but we all know that timing is not ideal when you're trying to keep yourself moving. This is why Level 3 (L3) fast chargers were introduced!

Fast chargers can provide significant miles of driving within a very short charge time, which makes them perfect for public charging locations like EVgo when drivers want to spend limited time throughout the day charging their vehicle. However, the significant increase in energy with L3 makes them much more complicated - for the chargers themselves and for your vehicle.

While EVgo handles any maintenance on our fast chargers, all electric vehicles on the market that can accept a fast charge have built-in precautions to protect the battery. Your vehicle always controls the amount of energy it will accept; you'll likely notice that it only accepts L2-equivalent energy (50kW or less) when the battery is under around 20% or over 60-80% charged, and it may accept less energy if you've been driving for 10 mins vs 2 hours before charging. Different factors impact charging speeds, all to protect your battery!

Check out the EVgo blog to learn more.


When is the best time to use EVgo for charging?

The best time to use EVgo depends on your needs! However, a few scenarios will always be true:

  • If your battery is over 60% and will maintain a charge of 20% of the battery before your next charging opportunity, it's best not to charge. Most EVs will not accept the energy from a fast-charger if the battery is charged more than 80%, and many may slow charging rates at lower battery levels.
    • If you do need to charge and your battery level is at or around 60-80%, we do not recommend DC fast chargers. Look for a Level 2 charger instead!
  • If you're looking for times when more chargers are available, early morning and later in the evening are often best (before and after rush hour in your area).
  • If you're looking for the best pricing in areas that charge per kWh, review our Time of Use (TOU) pricing rates:

To learn more about pricing, check out our Plans and Pricing FAQs.


Where does EVgo get their charger energy from?

EVgo has been powered by 100% renewable energy since 2019. For every kilowatt-hour (kWh) consumed on our network, EVgo purchases a corresponding kWh Renewable Energy Credit (REC) from an accredited REC supplier. EVgo drivers can be confident that they’re supporting clean energy and helping us tackle climate change with every charge.

You can learn more about EVgo’s sustainability efforts at https://www.evgo.com/company/sustainability.


Is the EVgo network coming to my city?

We currently have 850+ stations in more than 30 states in the U.S. and we’re rapidly expanding across the country. New locations are often announced on our social media pages, so if you aren’t yet following us on Twitter LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and  Facebook, check us out!


Can I charge my Tesla on the EVgo Network?

Yes! Some of our stations have built-in Tesla connectors or you can use the L2 adapter that came with your car. If you want to charge at a fast-charging station that does not have Tesla connectors, you can purchase a CCS Combo 1 adapter from Tesla directly: https://shop.tesla.com/product/ccs-combo-1-adapter

Note: We do not guarantee that adapters purchased from retailers outside of Tesla will work. EVgo does not approve after-market adapters.

You can find more on charging a Tesla with the EVgo network here: https://www.evgo.com/videos/fast-charge-tesla-evgo/ 


Can I charge my recreational vehicle with an EVgo charger?

There are many vehicles that are technically electric, however, are not supported by the EVgo network. The below examples are not compatible with the EVgo network, and you should never attempt to charge these types of vehicles. Not only can an incompatible vehicle damage the charging station, but it could permanently damage your vehicle as well.

We do not want you to risk damaging your vehicle, so if you are ever in doubt about whether you can charge at an EVgo station, please review our Terms of Service.

  • Electric golf carts (or similar recreational vehicles)
  • Vehicles converted from gas to electric
  • Adapters and connectors not compatible with our network
  • Adapters for vehicles that support a lower energy output than the EVgo charger
    • Even if you have an adapter for your vehicle that works with an EVgo charging station, always be sure that your vehicle itself can support the energy from the station. If your vehicle is unable to support the energy output, the attempted charge could result in permanent damage to your vehicle.



Locate a charger

There are many ways to find EVgo's public charging stations - our website, mobile app, PlugShare, Waze, Google and Apple maps. The EVgo Charging Crew has answered some common questions here to get you to the best EVgo charger for your needs:

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What's the best way to find an EVgo charger?

The EVgo app, combined with an active EVgo account, is always the best way to find a charger near you! Our mobile app uses geolocation services to find chargers closest to your current location, or you can enter the address of your destination to find chargers nearby. On the EVgo map, you can apply filters specific to your vehicle, see charger activity, and make reservations.

Before searching for a location, you should always check your filters. This will ensure you only see locations that meet your needs - keep reading below for more on filters in the EVgo map!


How do I filter out chargers that won't work for my car?

The easiest way to apply filters for your needs? Add your vehicle to your account.

You can add any EV to your profile by using the VIN or providing your vehicle details manually. EVgo stores data around all available EV makes and models, including plug types and charging data. With a vehicle added to your profile, we will automatically apply this data to the EVgo map filters - no further action needed from you!

If you want to filter your results manually, maybe for a temporary vehicle or to expand or narrow other search criteria, tap the filters icon on the EVgo map!


We always recommend using the EVgo map for the best experience finding a station, but you can always search for a station on your desktop browser. You can click the filter icon next to the search bar in the top right of the browser map here: https://www.evgo.com/find-a-charger/ 


How do I know that a station has a charger available?

On the EVgo map, we've made it easy to see station availability without even selecting the location - the icons can tell you everything you need to know!

The icons for any station on the EVgo map provide you with a ton of information about that location. Check the key! You can see how many are there and how many are available, 


IMG_973B8F57116F-1.jpeg    IMG_1C591C457EDA-1.jpeg


How do I get directions to a charger?

You'll need to use the EVgo app on your mobile device for quick access to directions for charging stations. When you tap any station on the EVgo map, you'll see the Get Directions button appear at the bottom of the station details:

  1. Tap Get Directions
  2. Select your preferred navigation app on your mobile device
  3. EVgo will pass the exact coordinates of the station to your navigation app; review the route and directions directly within the navigation app to get started!

Important Note:

While the EVgo app includes mapping features, it is not a navigation platform. The EVgo app will provide the address and your distance from the station, but it works with platforms like Google or Apple Maps to help you get directions. Please ensure that your preferred navigation app is available on your mobile device for a smooth transition to accessing directions.


IMG_8492.jpg    IMG_1CF8E1B1D243-1.jpeg


What can I do if EVgo doesn't have any chargers in my area?

We continue to expand our charging network, especially in regions where we're not yet available to serve EV drivers. To help our EVgo members get the most out of their plan, we've partnered with roaming partner networks, such as ChargePoint. 

With our roaming partners, you'll be able to see partner charging stations within your EVgo app. At the station, you'll also be able to start and pay for a charging session. 

To view partner charging stations on the EVgo app:

  1. Tap the filter icon on the EVgo map
  2. Scroll to find the Show Partner Stations section
  3. Tap the partner(s) available in your area to show them on the map
  4. Tap Apply at the bottom of the filters sheet



Some of our partners, like ChargePoint, provide private charging locations to their members. These private stations will not appear on the EVgo map. If you have access to a private location that not all EVgo drivers can access, then you will need to use our partner's app or charging plan to use those stations.



Why are there some locations not listed on the EVgo map?

The EVgo map will only show charging locations that are available to the general public and all EVgo members. At times, you will see EVgo charging locations that do not appear on our map. Sometimes those stations are in process of moving out of network, but most often these locations are private chargers.

While most of our network is available to the general public, some of our partners provide EVgo chargers to specific drivers (ex: employees of a particular business). This means that only members of that group will be able to start a charge at that location, and usually, the station is only accessible to that group; any personal EVgo RFID cards and accounts will not work there.

We will always hide any locations that are unavailable to all of our members. If you feel that a location is incorrectly hidden from the EVgo map, please feel free to submit a request with a relevant screenshot to our EVgo Charging Crew for further assistance. 


Why don't the connectors at the location work for my vehicle?

Not every location has every connector type, so be sure to check your map filters to ensure you only see locations that will work for your needs. If you add your vehicle to your EVgo account, our app will automatically apply any plug and wattage filters as needed.

When you tap any station on the EVgo map, you can also check the plugs available at the location before you visit the station. If you require any support in using your filters and finding a station, feel free to call the EVgo Charging Crew at 877-494-3833.


I'm going on a long road trip. Can EVgo provide me with a list of chargers along my route?

At this time, the EVgo app is focused on helping you find stations that meet your immediate needs. If you expect to take your EV on a road trip, PlugShare provides a great tool for planning stops along your route!

Check out the PlugShare's Trip Planner: Complete guide to planning your first trip



More Charger Questions?

Regardless of the issue, the EVgo Charging Crew is here to help, 24/7. We want every charge to be quick and easy to get you back on the road. Please feel free to submit a request or call the EVgo Charging Crew for support at 877-494-3833.

Check out our Charging Session FAQs

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