Check your EVgo Rewards™ points

You can review your points balance in the EVgo Rewards™ portal and in the EVgo app! Select the platform you're using below for more detail:

If you have any additional questions or feedback about the EVgo Rewards™ program, please submit a request and we're happy to help!

*Please know that we have a special team dedicated to any EVgo Rewards™ inquiries, and our EVgo Charging Crew members dedicated to our phone lines are limited in the EVgo Rewards™ support that they can provide you. For the best and fastest support, please click here to submit a ticket directly to our dedicated team.


Review your points in the EVgo Rewards™ portal

Checking your points in the EVgo Rewards™ portal is very simple - after you log into the portal, your points will be displayed front and center!

If you'd like to see your points in more detail, you can scroll or use the menu icon () in the top right to locate your EVgo Rewards™ Transaction History



Quick tip:

Your transaction history will show you each instance that you earned and redeemed your EVgo Rewards™ points. If you'd like help taking a deeper look into your transaction history, please feel free to submit a request to our dedicated EVgo Rewards™ team.





Review your points balance in the EVgo app

You can quickly view your EVgo Rewards™ balance from the EVgo app:

  1. From the landing page, tap the menu icon () in the top left
  2. Select Profile within the menu panel
  3. Tap EVgo Rewards™

You'll be provided with your points balance only. To see more, you can tap the Visit EVgo Rewards™ - this will open the EVgo Rewards™ portal in your device's default browser app, where you can log in.


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