How do I charge with the EVgo app?

How do I charge with the EVgo app?

  1. Open the EVgo app to search for the nearest available charger and select the station
    • Tap “Get Directions” for directions to get to the station
  1. Once you arrive at the station, select the appropriate connector for your vehicle from the EVgo app
  2. Plug the connector into your vehicle

  3. Confirm your session and tap “Start Charging”

  4. Monitor your charge directly from the EVgo app
    • If you have signed up to receive alerts, the app will send you a notification that your car has started a charge and will notify you when it is complete
  1. After you’re done charging, stop the session at the charger

  2. Unplug the connector from your vehicle and return it to the charger

  3. View your session summary on the EVgo app

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