Adapters are devices that enables charging with one standard to another. Although there are several standards existing in the industry, there are few adapters in the market. The use of adapters is not recommended because adaptors add an additional part in the electric connection between EV and Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE), which increases the probability of faults and affects the functional safety.

Approved adapters

There are two adapter types that are tested and validated. One Is the Level 2 AC adapter that can be used for L2 J1772 to Tesla, and the other Is CHAdeMO to Tesla adapter. Any Tesla adapters not made by Tesla are not approved for use by EVgo and can cause damage to the EVSE or vehicle.

Tesla to CHAdeMO adapter:

Adapter CHAdeMO for EU Tesla Model 3, S, X - EV Charge +

Common failures

A common mistake is to mis-apply the Tesla AC adapter to the DC charging connector. When it is forced into a DC CCS1 plug it won't enable the charge to Tesla, and causes damage to the DC connector.

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