Can I get an RFID program card for a family member?

You can always add a Member to your EVgo account exactly for this purpose! If you add a member to your plan, then you can request an RFID program card just for them. Members will also have access to their own profile and EVgo app login.

To request an RFID program card for a Member on your account:

    1. Request a new RFID program card
    2. Activate the new RFID program card when it arrives
    3. Assign the RFID program card to any Member in your account

We include 3 free RFID program cards per plan. If needed, you can order additional RFID program cards for $10 each.


For additional support, you can always contact the EVgo Charging Crew! You can submit a request or call the team at 877-494-3833 or submit a request, and the team will confirm your mailing address as well as assign the card to the Member when they order it.

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