Why am I getting an error when I try to log into the EVgo Rewards™ portal?

If you get an error during login, it's usually one of two issues:

  1. Have you updated your email recently?
    • If the EVgo Rewards™ login error notes an invalid login or password, it can often be related to a change in the email tied to your main EVgo account. If you have updated your email address in your primary EVgo account (via the EVgo app) after you've accessed EVgo Rewards™, then it's possible your old email ID is still linked to your EVgo Rewards™ portal.
    • Please submit a request to the EVgo Charging Crew with a note of your updated email so that they can ensure your login credentials match across your EVgo account and the EVgo Rewards™ portal.
  2. Our system can take up to 48 hours to complete the EVgo Rewards™ enrollment process after you create your EVgo account. During times of high demand, this can sometimes take slightly longer.
    • If you have been enrolled with EVgo for more than 48 hours and continue to see an error, then please submit a request to our dedicated rewards team on the EVgo Charging Crew.

Submit a request if you see the below message 48 hours after enrolling in EVgo:

We’re thrilled you want to activate your EVgo Rewards™ but we’re having trouble verifying your info. If you created your EVgo account within the last 24 hours, it may take up to 48 hours to add you to our EVgo Rewards™ system. Please check back soon. If you’re an existing EVgo customer or have waited 48+ hours and you still can't log in, send us a note at rewards@evgo.com.




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