Why don't I have EVgo Rewards™ points after a charging session?

You should see points posted in your EVgo Rewards™ portal within 24 hours of completing a charge and up to 30 days after completing the requirements of a promotion. 

If it has been 48 hours since your last session or you're missing points from multiple charging sessions, please contact us! You can submit a request to our dedicated EVgo Rewards™ team. They'll be able to look into the issue further and are typically able to provide an update within one business day of your request.


Are you a Member of another EVgo account holder?  

EVgo Member accounts allow you to join and use a primary EVgo account for charging sessions, transaction history and receipts, as well as accessing your own account credentials and even RFID program card to start charges.

Because EVgo Member accounts use payment methods managed by the main account, any Member charging sessions will count toward the main EVgo account for EVgo Rewards™. 

If you would like to earn your own EVgo Rewards™, then consider signing up for a new EVgo plan.

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