How do I use my $10 charging credit?

When you redeem your 2,000 points in the EVgo Rewards™ portal, the $10 charging credit will appear in your main EVgo account. After points are redeemed in the EVgo Rewards™ portal, it can take up to 48 hours for your charging credits to appear in your main EVgo account.

Because there can be a wait period, we encourage you to check your EVgo Rewards™ balance every so often and redeem points when you can. Then you'll be sure to have charging credits ready for your next charging session!

You can view your charging credits in the Transactions section: Review your Charging Credits

A note about redeemed points:

Your charging credits will not appear in the EVgo Rewards™ portal. After points are redeemed, the portal will display the redemption as Pending to confirm the points have been used. We are working with our Rewards™ partner to clarify this status, and we apologize for any confusion.

Please check your account in the EVgo app to confirm that the charging credit has been successfully added to your account.


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