How do I charge with a credit card?

There are currently three options to pay when using a credit card, either directly on the unit, a credit card kiosk or by contacting Customer Support.

  1. Go to the station
  2. Select the connector you’ll be using from the screen on the charger
  3. If you are using the credit card option on the charger, follow these steps
    • Select the payment type
    • Swipe your credit card
    • Enter the necessary information which will show on the screen
  4. If you are using the credit card kiosk, follow these steps
    • Plug the correct connector into your vehicle
    • Swipe the credit card at the kiosk
    • Select the charger you’re using on the kiosk
    • Select the correct connector on the kiosk
  5. The charger will either automatically start the charge, or you will be prompted to start the charge on the kiosk
  6. Power flow to your car will begin
  7. If you have signed up to receive alerts, a notification will be sent to you that your car has started a charge
  8. If there is no option to use a credit card at the station, contact Customer Support at 877-494-3833.


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