Plans and Pricing FAQs

Your overall cost to charge will vary depending on the region where you are charging and whether you’re enrolled in an EVgo subscription plan.

Select any of the questions below for more information on our plans and pricing:

For the best experience with EVgo, be sure to enroll in one of our plans!

Whether a paid plan or our Pay As You Go option, an EVgo membership gives you the most options for charging and ensures you have access to all of your transactions and receipts. You can learn more below and in our Billing and Payment FAQ, or you're always welcome to contact the EVgo Charging Crew with any questions! Our crew is available to support you 24/7, 365 days a year at 877-494-3833 or you can submit a request for support over email. 



How much will I pay to charge my car?

Pricing will depend on the region where you charge and the type of plan selected. You can check out our current EVgo plans and pricing in your area on our Pricing Page.

We offer per minute charging in many areas and per kWh charging in select locations. In areas where we offer per kWh charging, costs also vary by time of day with our Time of Use (TOU) pricing. Time of Use pricing will vary based on your specific location, but you can expect to find rates at their lowest during Early Bird and Off-Peak Hours. You’ll see higher prices during On-Peak Hours.

For more specific details on what Time of Use (TOU) pricing looks like in your area, select the link associated with your location below:


What plans does EVgo offer?

We offer a variety of plans to fit different charging needs. You can unlock discounted charging rates with one of our subscriptions, and some plans offer additional benefits like free charger reservations. To find charging rates specific to your region, visit our Pricing Page

  • EVgo PlusMax: Best for 6+ charges/month (New!)
    • $12.99 per month
    • No session fees
    • No reservation fees
    • Save up to 30% over standard rates
  • EVgo PlusTM: Best for 3-5 charges/month
    • $6.99 per month
    • No session fees
    • No reservation fees
    • Save 20% over standard rates
  • EVgo Basic: Best for 1-2 charges/month (New!)
    • $0.99 per month
    • No session fees
    • $3 charger reservations
    • Save up to 8% over standard rates
  • Prepaid (previously EVgo Member): Best for 1-2 charges/month
    • Prepaid $4.99 charging credit per month
    • No session fees
    • $3 charger reservations
    • Save 10% over standard rates
  • Pay As You Go: Best for occasional charges
    • No monthly subscription
    • $0.99 session fees
    • $3 charger reservations
    • Standard charging rates

While EVgo encourages all drivers to sign up for a subscription plan, you can always pay for individual charging sessions with a credit card. Transaction fees apply to all sessions initiated by credit card.


Is there a special plan for Autocharge+ members?

EVgo Autocharge+ is an added benefit for anyone who drives a CCS-compatible car that supports a two-way vehicle data sharing functionality. There is no additional cost to activate Autocharge+, and it will work with every EVgo plan.


What is the best EVgo plan to get?

EVgo Plus is a popular plan, but we realize that every EV driver's needs are different. In October 2022, we introduced new plans to give you more options.

With so many great plans to choose from, we recommend that you try out the EVgo Plan Finder tool. We'll ask you a few basic questions, and you'll get a recommendation on the right plan for you!



How do I sign up for a plan?

You can sign up for any EVgo plan from the EVgo website or using the EVgo mobile app. We recommend reviewing plans from the EVgo website and then selecting the Sign Up button on the plan that works best for you. We'll walk you through all the steps to getting started from there!

Here's a link to our Pricing Page to get you started: 


Can I change my plan after I sign up?

Yes! You can change your plan anytime through your EVgo account.

On the EVgo app:

  1. From the main menu (), tap Plans
  2. Tap the plan options to view more details about pricing in your region
  3. Once you review the plan details, tap the Enroll button

On the EVgo website:

  1. From, click Account on the top right
  2. Click + Add a Plan to review all plan options and details
  3. Once you review the plan details, click the Sign Me Up button

Note: You'll be billed for the new plan right away so that you can access the new plan benefits as soon as possible. If you're upgrading or downgrading from a paid plan (such from EVgoPlus to EVgo PlusMax), you will need to unenroll from your previous plan. If you have questions on this process, feel free to contact support at 877-494-3833.


Can I charge outside of the state/region where I signed up?

Absolutely! With an EVgo account, you can use any EVgo charging station no matter where it's located.

Please know, however, that charging rates will vary based on state/region. If you'd like to get an idea for charging rates of your plan in a specific area, you can check out the Pricing Page and adjust the region to where you plan to charge. 


Does my EVgo plan work with chargers outside the EVgo network?

Yes! We've partnered with other leaders in our industry to make charging easier for EV drivers. You can plug with EVgo’s roaming partner network if you need additional options when you’re on the road.

To enable partner roaming, you can update your map filters to Show Partner Stations. Please remember that pricing can vary, so remember to double-check the pricing listed in the EVgo app. If you require any support starting a charge, please contact our partner network's support team. If not listed on the charger itself, you can use the below contact details:

  • ChargePoint: 1-888-758-4389


I would like to use your network but I have not yet signed up for a plan – can I still charge at an EVgo station?

Although we encourage EV drivers to become members, customers can also pay for an individual charging session with a credit card. Download the EVgo app or call the EVgo Charging Crew (available 24/7 at 877-494-3833) to execute a credit card session.

You can visit our Pricing Page to view the plans available in your area and sign up for an account.


How does the Pay As You Go plan work?

With the Pay As You Go Plan, you can charge whenever you like with no monthly fees - that's it! You will pay our standard charging rates and you don’t get to access other plan benefits, but it's a great option if you want the ability to charge at any EVgo locations in a pinch.

Visit our Pricing Page to view all the plans available in your area and sign up for an account.


More Plan or Pricing Questions?

Regardless of the request, the EVgo Charging Crew is here to help, 24/7. We want every charge to be quick and easy to get you back on the road! Please call the EVgo Charging Crew for urgent support at 877-494-3833 or submit a request to our team that handles all billing matters.

Check out our Billing and Payment FAQs

Check out our EVgo Account FAQs

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