Guide to the EVgo Map icons

Wherever you are, you can count on our map icons, or station pins, to give you information about our chargers at a quick glance. Select the platform you're using below for more details:




Need additional support locating a charger?

You can check out our article Find an EVgo charging station or check our EVgo Charging Network FAQs. The EVgo Charging Crew is also available to support you 24/7, 365 days a year at 877-494-3833


Map icons on the EVgo app

On the EVgo app, you can get an idea for exactly what's happening at any station without even selecting it! This allows you to review several nearby stations at once so that the one you select is most likely to suit your needs.


Adjust map settings

If you prefer to see EVgo stations in different map views, you can update your map settings at the top of the Map Settings panel. Tap the setting for Map, Satellite, or a Hybrid view depending on your preferences.



Charger status icons

We always recommend that you check if a station is available before you navigate there to charge. Even if there is a parking spot and the charger appears available, it may be offline or in use with a specific connector.




Want to ensure a charger stays available until you get there?

You can make an EVgo Reservation™! If you're on the way, you can reserve a charger for up to 20 minutes until your arrival. Depending on your plan, a reservation fee may apply. Check out our articles on charger EVgo Reservations™:


Station type

Stations with a fast charger will have a round pin. Stations with ONLY Level 2 chargers are indicated with a diamond.




Important tip for Level 2 chargers:

Many stations will have a combination of fast and Level 2 chargers. If a location has both, it will appear as a fast charging station. You can open the station details to confirm if the station also includes Level 2 chargers, or even better - add your vehicle to your EVgo profile!

When you add your vehicle to your account, the EVgo app will automatically apply filters so that you only see stations that will suite your charging needs. Learn more about EVgo filters: Guide to EVgo map filters


Stations with multiple chargers

If a station has more than one charger, you'll see a number in the center of the station pin. In the Map settings example, you're shown a fast-charging stations with four (4) available fast chargers and a Level 2 station with (2) available chargers.


If the location has multiple chargers and some are in use, you may see something like the example below. The map pin confirms there are eight (8) fast chargers at the station, and over half of them are available. When we open the station details, it confirms that 3 of the 8 chargers are available for use.



Power levels

You can see the power level of a charger from the list view of stations without opening the station details. Instead of looking to the map, swipe up to expand the list of closest charging stations.


You'll see basic details about the station, like its address, hours, and map pin to confirm the number of available chargers. You will also see Power level ratings of the chargers available at the station.

If chargers at the location have different ratings or Level 2 chargers available, you'll see multiple power level indicators like the example below.



Locate the Map Settings (icon legend) within the EVgo app

  1. Tap the ⓘ for information icon on right side of the EVgo map
  2. Scroll if needed to review the different Map Settings and icons



Map icons on the web (

On the web, you can get a basic idea of what is happening at any given station based on the map pins for that station. If there are multiple chargers at the location, a number will appear inside of the map pin.




Locate the icon Legend on the web

  1. From the landing page, select Find a Charger
  2. From the left of the search bar, select the menu icon ()
  3. Select Show Legend 




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