How is fast charging different from charging at home?

About at-home charging:

When you purchase your electric vehicle, you will be provided with an adapter to charge at home. Most at-home charging is known as Level 1 (or L1, with a standard wall plug) and Level 2 (or L2, requiring at least a 240v outlet and often professionally installed). The L1 and L2 chargers are by far the simplest to use; however, they take a significant amount of time to fully charge your vehicle (at least 4-5 hours for an L2 charger and up to 24 hours for L1).

L1 and L2 chargers are also generally the most gentle on your vehicle's battery. The slow and steady flow of electricity will never overwhelm your battery, regardless of its state at the time of charging (battery level, recent usage, even the weather can impact the battery).

Fast-charging is introduced:

The slow rate of charging is just fine when your vehicle is safely parked and charging overnight, but we all know that timing is not ideal when you're trying to keep yourself moving. This is why Level 3 (L3) fast chargers were introduced!

Fast chargers can provide significant miles of driving within a very short charge time, which makes them perfect for public charging locations like EVgo when drivers want to spend limited time throughout the day charging their vehicle. However, the significant increase in energy with L3 makes them much more complicated - for the chargers themselves and for your vehicle.

While EVgo handles any maintenance on our fast chargers, all electric vehicles on the market that can accept a fast charge have built-in precautions to protect the battery. Your vehicle always controls the amount of energy it will accept; you'll likely notice that it only accepts L2-equivalent energy (50kW or less) when the battery is under around 20% or over 60-80% charged, and it may accept less energy if you've been driving for 10 mins vs 2 hours before charging. Different factors impact charging speeds, all to protect your battery!

Learn more about what you can expect from a fast charger:

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