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We know that EVgo members have a variety of needs, and our EVgo Charging Crew is available by phone or email to meet those needs. If you are at a charging location and need support, you can always contact our Call Center team at 877-494-3833. The team is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Many non-urgent questions for our team are best handled by submitting a request. You can provide more details and include attachments while keeping call lines available to drivers who need immediate assistance. It also allows our team to escalate certain matters, like billing disputes, directly to the appropriate team members.

Quick tip! Have you explored the EVgo Help Center?
We've optimized our articles to help answer questions on a variety of topics. Search any specific feature or issue you might be experiencing, and you'll find resources created by the EVgo Charging Crew. We know that sometimes, the DIY approach is the most satisfying way to get answers. We always welcome feedback via a request if you ever have suggestions on making our resources work better for you too!

You can find more details below on what to expect when contacting the EVgo Charging Crew:

If you're ever unsure on who to contact, give us a call! 877-494-3833
Our Call Center team can often help resolve questions in the moment, and they can always escalate your question or request internally as needed.


Charger crisis? Call 911 right away!

EVgo considers a crisis to include smoke or burning smells, damage to a charger, exposed wiring, milbank (internal panel) leakage, or any instance of personal injury to you or someone else at the location. This list is not exhaustive. You should always contact 911 first if you notice or experience any immediate safety concerns. 



The EVgo Call Center

We are dedicated to getting you charged and moving as quickly as possible! So what does that mean?

The EVgo Charging Crew is available 24/7, 365 days a year. We do not use any robotic call systems, and all of your calls will go directly to a live call center agent.*

*Exceptions could occur if we are experiencing unusually high volume and all agents are busy, or rare occasions if our system goes down.


When you call EVgo support, please know all calls are recorded. Our team will ask you a few verification questions. Verification questions can depend on the reason for your call, so please be prepared to provide one or more of the following details from your EVgo account:

  • First and last name
  • Email
  • Last 4 digits of the payment method on file
  • Phone number
  • Zip code and/or full address

Please remember, the Call Center prioritizes getting drivers moving as quickly as possible. They may be limited on how they can assist you with certain inquiries. If you have a billing dispute, need to report a broken station, or have more complex questions, the team may need to escalate your request to one of our specialized agents.

What happens when my request is escalated?

We have a team of specialized agents within the EVgo Charging Crew who work to resolve any requests related to billing and refunds, app issues, or other escalated account requests within 48 hours.

For charger-related issues, we will often need to escalate to our technical teams in the field - these resolutions will always depend on the issue and can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days or even months to fully resolve.


Submit a request

If your request is not urgent and includes attachments, then we recommend you submit a request to the EVgo Charging Crew. When you submit a request, we'll ask for details that ensure we can get your questions to the right agent and resolved as quickly as possible. The team typically resolves requests within 24 hours, and we have specialized agents to help handle specific issues, such as:


Billing disputes

If you would like to dispute a charge on your account, please submit a request to our EVgo Charging Crew. Your request will be sent directly to our team who handles billing matters and will result in the fastest resolution to billing disputes; if you contact our Call Center, they will escalate your request internally, which can result in delays.

When you submit your ticket, you will need to provide the following:

  • Contact details (name, email, and phone number tied to your EVgo account)
  • Card details (Provider and last 4 digits of the card used)
  • Charging station name (if applicable)
  • Reason for dispute
  • Picture or screenshot of your receipt or transaction

You can learn more about the billing dispute process here: Billing Disputes


EVgo Rewards™

We encourage you to learn more About EVgo Rewards™ or review our EVgo Rewards™ FAQs for everything you need to know about the program.

If you have any questions or issues with EVgo Rewards™, then please use this link to submit a request to the EVgo Charging Crew who specializes in supporting the program. Please know that our call center is limited in how they can assist with EVgo Rewards™ issues, and they may need to escalate your request.


EVgo app issues

We encourage you to review our General EVgo app troubleshooting steps if you are experiencing any issues with the EVgo app. You can also learn more about:

If you require EVgo app support from the EVgo Charging Crew, then please use this link to submit a request to our team who specializes in EVgo app issues. While our call center is able to help with password resets and basic questions, please know that they may be limited in how they can assist with more complex issues.


Images of charging sites

If you notice any issues at an EVgo charging site, such as a broken charger or vandalism to a charging location, then we always appreciate pictures of the location. This ensures our field agents know exactly what to look for when they visit the site. You can submit a request to attach any images and details that the team might need, and we thank you for bringing our attention to the issue!

If the broken charger requires urgent attention, call the EVgo Charging Crew right away! Urgent situations can include:
  • If something appears dangerous, such as exposed wires (open door to an electrical panel, a cut in the cable, cable is missing)
  • If you see or smell smoke, burning smell, or fire
  • If you see extensive damage, like a station that appears struck by a vehicle
  • Something leaking from the charger or Millbank (electric box)
  • Anything your judgment tells you is urgent - it never hurts to call!

The team is available by phone 24/7, 365 days a year at 877-494-3833.


Contact other EVgo teams

Fleet Inquiries

If you are interested in electrifying your Fleet of vehicles or looking to work with EVgo for your electric light-, medium-, and heavy-duty fleets, you can find more details here: EVgo Fleet Solutions

To contact the team, submit a form to our Fleet experts to provide the necessary details; you can also follow up over email:

Host a Site

We love partnering with industry leaders who want to provide charging solutions to our customers. If you are a commercial owner/manager interested in hosting a site, visit our page for more information: Host an EVgo Site for your customers

Investor Resources

For any information related to EVgo stocks, you can find review our Investors page. Any questions can be directed to or 310-954-2943.

Press Inquiries

If you are a member of the press, please email for additional support.

Human Resources

If you need to contact EVgo HR for any reason (such as employment verification), please email


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