Start a charging session with EVgo

When you're ready to begin charging with EVgo, you have a few options to start your charging session. The below methods are listed in order of what usually gets our drivers charging the most quickly. You can select any method below to jump to a section with more details!

Learn more about what happens when you plug your EV into a DC fast charger from our CTO!

*If you are enrolled in a paid EVgo subscription plan and pay using your credit card at the station, you will not be able to apply your plan benefits to your charging session. If you are having trouble starting a charge from the EVgo app or your RFID card, we recommend calling the EVgo Charging Crew for support so that your session can be linked to your account.

If you have any other questions or need additional support, please contact us! The EVgo Charging Crew is available for urgent issues by phone 24/7, 365 days a year at 877-494-3833. 


Start a charge from the EVgo app

After you are parked at a station, you can open the EVgo app to start the charge. The EVgo app will recognize the station where you are located (if location services are enabled on your device) - you'll want to confirm the charging location and the charger name to get started. We've provided detailed steps (with tips from the EVgo Charging Crew!) below:

  1. Open the EVgo app when you arrive at the station
  2. Tap the station that you will use from the suggested nearby charging locations
    • The location name typically reflects the location itself, such as "Berwyn Public Parking Garage" or "Wawa Beltsville #0593"
  3. Locate the name of the charger that you intend to use
    • The charger name can be found above or below the charging screen
  4. Select the appropriate connector for your vehicle from the EVgo app
    • If the available connectors don't work for your vehicle, you can check other chargers at the location or review your filters on the EVgo map to find a location that better suits your needs
  5. Insert the connector into your EV’s charge port
    • Listen for a click to indicate a successful connection!
    • If you start the charge before plugging in the connector, you'll have 120 seconds to plug the fast-charge connector into your vehicle. 
  6. Tap the Start Charging button
    • You'll see an error message if the station is unable to recognize your vehicle.
  7. Confirm whether you'd like to receive push notifications about your charging session 

After confirming, the charger will check to see if you have a successful connection. If successful, then power will begin flowing to your car. The EVgo app will also show that you are charging your vehicle, and you'll receive a notification that your car has started a charge if you have signed up for alerts.




Quick tips from the EVgo Charging Crew:

  • If you're experiencing any issues starting a charge with the EVgo app, double check that you're using the most updated version on your device.
  • You'll want to ensure that location settings are enabled correctly. If you need to reset them on your device, we suggest fully closing and reopening the EVgo app after the settings have been adjusted. Learn more about location settings for Apple + Android in our FAQs here.
  • If a station is grayed out on the EVgo map, that means that it's under maintenance. You'll want to find another charger at the location to start a charge using the EVgo app.
  • If the EVgo app won't load, it's possible there is a bad signal at the charging location - this sometimes occurs in covered parking structures. Your RFID Program Card is a great backup for starting a charge when your signal is not as strong. 

If the EVgo app continues to give you trouble - maybe you receive a specific error message or there's a repeat issue at a specific charger - we highly recommend that you submit a request to the EVgo Charging Crew. By using this form, the team will have everything they need to further support you and escalate the issue to our internal product teams if needed.


Start charge screen on EVgo app


Start a charge with your EVgo RFID program card 

If you have an EVgo account and received your EVgo RFID card, then you can use it to quickly start a charge after it's been activated. When you arrive at the charger:

  1. Select the appropriate connector for your vehicle
  2. Insert the connector into your EV’s charge port
    • Be sure to listen for the click!
  3. Select the RFID payment option on the charger screen
  4. Tap your RFID program card where indicated on the charger
    • Be sure not to tap and remove the RFID card too quickly; it can help to almost rub the card against the RFID reader.
    • Check that no other magnetic or electrical objects, like a phone, are interfering with the signal.
    • On some chargers, you'll tap your RFID to the credit card reader.
  5. If you have signed up to receive alerts, you'll receive a notification that your vehicle has started a charge!


Charge with your EVgo RFID card



Use the credit card reader on the station

If you do not have an EVgo account, you can usually start a charge at the station itself with your credit card. Note that sessions initiated by credit card will incur an additional transaction fee, and transactions will not be tied to any EVgo account when initiated this way. If you need support starting a charge with your EVgo account, call the EVgo Charging Crew at 877-494-3833.

  1. Select the appropriate connector for your vehicle
  2. Insert the connector into your EV’s charge port
    • Be sure to listen for the click!
  3. Select the Credit Card payment option on the charger screen
  4. Swipe, tap, or insert your credit card at the credit card reader
    • Be sure to use the available credit card reader! The 'Tap Card Here' space is intended for EVgo RFID program cards only.
    • While most card readers are located on the station itself, you may find a standalone kiosk at the location for all stations.


Quick tips from the EVgo Charging Crew:

  • Some stations do not accept payment outside of the EVgo app or RFID card, and you will need to contact us for further assistance starting your charge.
  • If you are using a debit card or pre-paid card and the authorization hold exceeds the card balance, then you may not be able to reattempt using the payment method without contacting your bank. Pre-authorization holds can be up to $40 depending on the charger each time you swipe the credit card.
  • If it's your first time using an EV public charger, your bank may flag the transaction and place a hold on your card. This also occurs if you attempt to make a payment with the same card multiple times.


Charge with EVgo using your credit card



Learn more about what happens when you plug your EV into a DC fast charger from our CTO!

Common troubleshooting tips from the EVgo Charging Crew:

If a charger is not initiating a session correctly, our team has a few tips you can try depending on why the charge is not starting.

Check your connection: 

  • Check that the connector is inserted into your vehicle correctly: You should remove the connector and plug back into the charging station, wait a few seconds, and then plug back into your vehicle and listen for a click.
  • If you're not sure if you heard a click, check the charger screen. Your vehicle's current state of charge (battery percentage) should appear on the charger screen with a successful connection.

Potential charger issue:

  • Check the EVgo app to see if the charger is in maintenance (grayed): Our technicians are working to have any maintenance notices appear on the charger screen itself, but please check for grayed-out stations in the EVgo app to confirm.
  • Check the emergency stop button on the charging station: When enabled, the emergency stop must be reset. If it's been pressed, you'll see instructions on the charging station for turning and resetting the button.

Potential vehicle issue:

  • If the battery is completely dead or below 20%, fast charging may not be unavailable as many vehicles will only accept slower charge rates to protect the battery. You will need to recharge at an L2 charger or a wall outlet with your adapter.
  • For older vehicles or other vehicle issues, call! The EVgo Charging Crew can further investigate and let you know if you need to contact the vehicle manufacturer.

Potential billing blockers:

  • If using an RFID program card, you MUST activate it before you can use it to start a charging session.
  • You must maintain a positive balance in your EVgo account to start a charging session. While rare, you'll need to ensure an active payment method is added to your account to take care of any negative balance before you can charge with your EVgo account.
  • If you see a billing error, but your card on file is correct and up to date, you can try re-adding the payment method to refresh it in your account.


Troubleshooting Tip

If you'd like to re-attempt starting the charge on your own, you should:

  1. Unplug the connector from your vehicle
  2. Replace the connector on the charging station holder
  3. Wait 10-15 seconds for the station to reset itself
  4. Complete steps 5 and 6 from the above once more

You can always contact the EVgo Charging Crew if you ever require support with starting a charge. The team is available by phone 24/7, 365 days a year at 877-494-3833.


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