Unattended vehicles at an EVgo charger

After your charge has started, it's fine to leave your vehicle unattended while it's actively charging. You should ensure that the vehicle and charge port (if needed) are locked before leaving your vehicle.

Important note: EVgo is not liable for any damages or issues with your vehicle that may occur while you have left your vehicle unattended. Please review our Terms of Service.


Whether you plan to leave your vehicle unattended, or if you come across an unattended vehicle that has completed charging, we've broken down some expectations, tips, and warnings that you should review before taking any action.


If you have further questions about leaving your vehicle or finding an unattended vehicle, please call the EVgo Charging Crew at 877-494-3833. Our Call Center team is available to support you 24/7, 365 days a year. 



Best practices for leaving your vehicle unattended

When a charging session is complete and the charger is available for use, it's possible that another driver will remove or attempt to remove the charging cable from your vehicle to start their own charge. To avoid any issues and to make the charger accessible to anyone who needs it, please try to return to your vehicle as soon as your charging session is complete.


Stay informed on the charging session

Remember charging session timing

  • For a fast charging station, you can charge for up to 60 minutes or until your battery is full. On L2 chargers, the charging session could last a few hours.

Be aware of the time of day

  • Other drivers are more likely to need your charger during certain hours. If you're charging during a busier time of day, like rush hours or around lunchtime, you may want to be more vigilant about returning to your vehicle on time.

Avoid leaving your vehicle overnight

  • Some locations that host EVgo chargers have different policies about the time that vehicles can park there, and some drivers have been towed due to maintenance needs of the property.
  • Please remember that EVgo partners with other businesses to host our chargers, and we do not own or operate the location itself

Take actions that you would appreciate someone else taking for you

  • Even if you do not plan to leave the general location, always return to your vehicle when charging is complete. Other EV drivers will thank you for moving your vehicle to another parking space to make the charger available!
  • If you know the charge will end before you can get back to your vehicle, consider leaving a note for other drivers that they can remove the charger once it's finished charging your car. You may also want to indicate whether the other driver should close the charging port cover.


You can find more helpful tips from our Marketing team in their article on EV Charging Etiquette



What happens if my vehicle completes charging before I get back to it?

You should always return to your vehicle when charging is complete whenever possible, even if you don't plan to leave the general location.

We do understand that life happens though! If you are unable to return to your vehicle before charging is complete, please keep the following in mind:

  • Fast chargers: Charging sessions will only last up to an hour or until the vehicle is fully charged. If the session ends while you're away, the connector will unlock automatically.
  • If there is any station or vehicle error mid-charge, the session may be cut short. Be sure to enable notifications so that the app lets you know if this happens.
  • Other drivers may take the charger 


Can I remove the connector from another vehicle if their charge is complete?

If you arrive at a charger where another vehicle is plugged in, but the session is complete and the charger is available, we generally recommend that you don't remove the connector to charge your vehicle.

When another vehicle is plugged in to a charger you'd like to use, please check for another available charger. If no other chargers are available, then it's best to wait until the driver returns to the vehicle or check for other nearby locations.

While not ideal, we know these situations do arise and there are no other options! Here are some helpful tips from our Marketing team from their article on EV Charging Etiquette:

  • Check for a note! We always suggest that drivers leave a note on the dashboard if they'll be away from their vehicle while charging.
  • Wait for the other driver if you do take the connector from another vehicle. It's best to be sure everything is good and no one is surprised before you leave your own vehicle charging unattended.
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