What vehicles are compatible with Autocharge+?

Most EVs with CCS connectors support the Autocharge+ feature (including older EV models). If your EV is eligible for Autocharge+, you will see 'Eligible for Autocharge+' in the vehicle summary of any eligible EV models.


Important note:

While you can enroll a rental EV with Autocharge+, do not forget to unenroll when you return your vehicle! If still enrolled, you are subject to all subsequent charges.

Generally, enrolling a rental vehicle in Autocharge+ is not recommended for this reason.

You can find a full list of models eligible for Autocharge+ here: https://www.evgo.com/autocharge/

App - Autocharge+ eligible.jpeg

Some EV manufacturers do not produce compatible models, so they cannot enroll in Autocharge+. EV models that use CHAdeMO connectors do not have a unique identifier and cannot use Autocharge+.

Tesla compatibility: The new Tesla CCS1 Adapter is now available to use on the EVgo network, which means Tesla Model X, Y, S, S Plaid and 3 are eligible to enroll in Autocharge+. You will need to BYOC (Bring your Own Connector!) Visit The Tesla Shop for more information on this product.


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