I’m concerned about Autocharge+ security.  Will someone else be able to charge using my identifier?

EVgo has several processes in place to detect potential fraud. 

In general, you should always enable notifications from EVgo if you enroll in Autocharge+. We'll always send a notification when any Autocharge+ session has started. If you suspect a session that isn't yours, contact the EVgo Charging Crew right away; you can call the team at 877-494-3833 for 24/7 assistance.


There are also situations where we'll automatically stop a session if we suspect fraud - if the time, location, and State of Charge (SoC) are impossible or improbable, the session will be stopped. For example, if your account is used to start a charge in California and then to start a charge in Ohio ten minutes later, this will be flagged as potential fraud. Any members potentially impacted by fraud will be notified, and we'll require confirmation to allow Autocharge+ before proceeding.

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