Can two vehicles charge at the same time using CHAdeMO and CCS?

Some of our newest charging equipment does allow charging of two vehicles simultaneously. If you see a sticker that indicates Simultaneous EV Charging, you’re at a newer charger capable of charging two vehicles at once! Another indication of simultaneous charging capability is if the charging station has two spots dedicated for charging (most stations will only have one spot).

Please note: While simultaneous chargers are extremely powerful, the charging power will be shared if you plug in while another vehicle is charging. This means that neither EV will get the maximum power available. After the other vehicle's charge is complete (either within an hour or when the battery is full) or you are the only vehicle plugged into a simultaneous charger, then your vehicle will receive the full fast charging kWh available depending on the limits of your car's battery. 

If you do not see this sticker, then the station can only charge one vehicle at a time.


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