Is there anything that will help my vehicle charge faster?

Your vehicle always controls how quickly it can charge. You can check your owner's manual for more details on exactly how much energy your vehicle will accept at any point during a charging session.

The best time to use a fast charger is when the battery is 20-60% full.

If your battery is above or below this level, you are unlikely to get the full benefits of fast charging speeds. We recommend using an L2 charger outside of this range.

Always remember, however, that the below is typically true for every EV as a means of protecting the vehicle's battery:

  • Empty batteries may need to start recharging on an L2 charger; most manufacturers recommend charging any battery lower than 20% on an L2 charger.
  • Many vehicles will only accept L2 energy levels from a fast charger if the battery is charged over 60-80% (exact charge percentage will depend on the vehicle).

Learn more in our Guide to EV charging speed!

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