Why is the charge slowing down during my charging session?

Your EV always controls the speed of charging. Most EVs slow the charge rate as the battery approaches a full charge to protect the battery - typically around 80%.

The exact point at which your EV will begin to slow the charge rate depends on the manufacturer and model. You can review your owner's manual for more specifics and if you have questions about the point when your vehicle slows a charge, you should contact the manufacturer.

Do you have charging settings for your vehicle?

Especially in newer models, you can set a schedule for your battery to charge during more optimal times of day. You or your manufacturer can also customize the point at which the vehicle stops accepting fast-charging rates. If your vehicle only accepts L2 charging energy levels at 60-75%, then you may be able to edit these settings. Check your owner's manual or contact your manufacturer for more information.


Learn more in our Guide to EV charging speed!

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