Activate your EVgo RFID program card

When you create an EVgo account, we'll send you a free RFID program card. The program card makes charging easier - when used, it will immediately tie that charging session to your EVgo account with no further action needed. 

After you receive your RFID program card, you MUST activate the card before you can use it. Similar to a credit card, we send you an inactive RFID program card for your security. After the RFID program card is activated, it will be fully tied to your EVgo account and ready to use as a charging payment method.

This article contains specific steps on activating your card; click below to skip to any section or find other helpful resources related to your EVgo RFID program card:


If you need additional assistance activating your RFID program card, feel free to contact the EVgo Charging Crew at 877-494-3833. Our Call Center team is available to support you 24/7, 365 days a year. 



Activate your RFID program card in the EVgo app

  1. From the landing page, tap the menu icon () in the top left
  2. Select Program Cards within the menu panel
  3. Select the Sent card order on the Program Cards screen
  4. Enter the number from your RFID Program Card
    • You can also tap the camera icon to scan the barcode on the card
  5. Tap Activate Card

IMG_3AD65E41BA0B-1.jpeg  activate_card_-_app.jpeg


Tips for RFID program card activation

  • You'll need to enter the RFID Program Card number located on the back of the card itself (do not include dashes) or scan the barcode of your card on the EVgo app.
  • After the card is activated, it will appear in the Program Cards section of your account as Active.

Fast facts about RFID program cards

  • Your first RFID program card is automatically ordered for you the day you enroll in your EVgo plan.  
  • You'll receive an email notification as soon as the card is sent to you, either after you have requested a new RFID program card OR with a new account. 
  • We include 3 free RFID program cards per plan. If needed, you can order additional RFID program cards for $10 each.
  • You can request a new RFID program card to replace potentially damaged or lost cards. You can also request RFID cards for members on your EVgo account! Learn more about Members in your EVgo account



Activate your RFID program card on the web (

  1. From the landing page, hover over the Profile drop-down
  2. Select Cards
    • If you click Profile, you can then click Cards from the left-hand navigation panel
  3. Any Sent cards will appear on this page; click Activate on the card you've received
  4. Enter the number on your RFID Program Card
  5. Click Activate Card


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