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Before you can begin charging with EVgo, you must enroll and then verify your contact information. Phone number verification is the most important step to using your account. 

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For any additional support verifying your account, please submit a ticket to the EVgo Charging Crew. The call center is usually limited in the support they can provide on these matters, and any app issue tickets will be escalated directly to our team that works with product support.



Verify your mobile phone number

During EVgo enrollment, you will need to verify your phone number after providing it. You will not be able to start charging with your EVgo plan until your phone number is verified. 

  1. Tap Submit after you enter your valid mobile phone number
    • Be sure to use a phone number that can receive text messages
  2. Check your incoming text messages for the EVgo verification code
  3. Enter the 6-digit code on the Confirm your number screen
  4. Tap Submit to complete the verification process

Phone verification troubleshooting

If the verification code texted to your phone does not work in the EVgo app, please:

  1. Double-check the code entered. If you confirm the code was entered correctly, then
  2. Request a new code by tapping I Didn't Get a Code on the verification screen.

If you have never had an account and have already requested a new code more than 2-3 times, then please contact us! There is likely a backend issue that the support team will need to escalate to resolve. 

Have you previously registered for an EVgo account?

If you see a message noting that your phone number is in use by another account, then please verify whether you have held an EVgo account or previously started enrollment. Users who have deleted an old account associated with their phone number or previously attempted (but never completed) enrollment often have issues creating a new account.

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Verify your email address

You should also verify your email as soon as possible - email verification will allow you to receive statements, notifications, and special EVgo offers. You'll receive an email from with a subject line: Welcome to EVgo. The email will contain a verification link that you can click to complete setting up your email username.


Resend a new email verification link

If the verification link for your email has expired, then you can request a new link by tapping the menu icon (☰) > Profile > Email.

If you are not receiving the verification email(s), be sure to check your spam/junk folders; the link will appear in a message titled Welcome to EVgo or Verify your email. We also recommend adding to your contacts to avoid the issue in future.


Confirm your email is verified

After you have successfully verified your email, you'll receive a message from that confirms it. The subject will read Thank you for joining EVgo.

You can also check that your email is verified from the EVgo app; you'll see a Verified indicator next to your email if you tap the menu icon (☰) > Profile > Email.

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