Can I charge my recreational vehicle with an EVgo charger?

There are many vehicles that are technically electric, however, are not supported by the EVgo network. The below examples are not compatible with the EVgo network, and you should never attempt to charge these types of vehicles. Not only can an incompatible vehicle damage the charging station, but it could permanently damage your vehicle as well.

We do not want you to risk damaging your vehicle, so if you are ever in doubt about whether you can charge at an EVgo station, please review our Terms of Service.

  • Electric golf carts (or similar recreational vehicles)
  • Vehicles converted from gas to electric
  • Adapters and connectors not compatible with our network
  • Adapters for vehicles that support a lower energy output than the EVgo charger
    • Even if you have an adapter for your vehicle that works with an EVgo charging station, always be sure that your vehicle itself can support the energy from the station. If your vehicle is unable to support the energy output, the attempted charge could result in permanent damage to your vehicle.

Learn more about EV compatibility in our article: EVs supported by EVgo

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