When is the best time to use EVgo for charging?

The best time to use EVgo depends on your needs! However, a few scenarios will always be true:

  • If your battery is over 60% and will maintain a charge of 20% of the battery before your next charging opportunity, it's best not to charge. Most EVs will not accept the energy from a fast-charger if the battery is charged more than 80%, and many vehicles may slow charging speeds at lower battery levels.
    • If you do need to charge and your battery level is at or around 60-80%, we do not recommend DC fast chargers. Look for a Level 2 charger instead!
  • If you're looking for times when more chargers are available, early morning and later in the evening are often best (before and after rush hour in your area).
  • If you're looking for the best pricing in areas that charge per kWh, review our Time of Use (TOU) pricing rates:

To learn more about our plans and pricing, check out our article: Select your plan


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