Enroll in EVgo Autocharge+

Ever wish you could plug in and charge without an app or a program card? Autocharge+ allows EV drivers to do just that! No tapping, no cards. Just plug in and charge.

See if Autocharge+ is an option for you and find steps to get started:


You should not enroll a rental EV with Autocharge+

If you do enroll a rented vehicle with Autocharge+, you must unenroll the vehicle completely. If you are still enrolled in Autocharge+, you are subject to all subsequent charges.

You can unenroll from Autocharge+ from the Autocharge Management screen of the EVgo app. For further support, contact the EVgo Charging Crew at 877-494-3833. Our Call Center team is available to support you 24/7, 365 days a year. 



Enroll in Autocharge+

You must enroll in Autocharge+ through the EVgo app.  (If you don't already have the EVgo app, you can download it for Android and iOS devices.)

**Please note that if you drive an EV made by GM, you must use the GM app to enroll. Find more details below.

  1. From the landing page, tap the menu icon () in the top left
  2. Select Vehicles within the Main Menu panel
  3. Tap your vehicle which displays 'Eligible for Autocharge+' below the vehicle summary 
  4. Below the Vehicle Details, you'll see the Autocharge+ section - tap Request to enroll to get started! 
    • You may need to verify your VIN before completing enrollment
  5. To complete enrollment, you must initiate a charging session. The EVgo app will prompt you through the following steps:
    1. Visit an EVgo fast charger
    2. Select the CCS connector at the charging station
    3. Confirm the vehicle you wish to enroll when you arrive at the charger
    4. Plug in the CCS connector within 60 seconds of confirming the vehicle
    5. After it's plugged in, your EV communicates its unique identifier to EVgo, which we then link to your EVgo account. 
  6. Now you’re officially set-up!
    • This means every time you plug in on the EVgo network, your charging session will start automatically.


Here's a quick video to show you the steps for enrollment:

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