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With EVgo, you can organize vehicles for your family and friends within your account at no additional cost! By inviting family and friends as Members of your account, you can give them autonomy over their charging needs while still controlling most of the main account (such as managing payment methods, earning EVgo Rewards, etc).

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If you need additional assistance with account Members, feel free to check out our Account FAQ page or Submit a request to the EVgo Charging Crew. The team is committed to answering all requests within a business day.


Why create an EVgo Member account?

While you can certainly share your EVgo account login details with your family, we do not recommend it. It's not secure, and you may not want certain individuals to have access to your billing details, Rewards credits, or even transaction history.

Membership accounts will give your members autonomy over their use of the EVgo Network, however it limits their access to some of your account. The key benefits of creating a Member account:

  • Make EVgo work for your family’s needs
    • You can assign specific vehicles and even payment methods to your account Members.
  • Limit access to certain account details
    • Members can see their own charge history and the basics of your EVgo contract, however, they are unable to access your main account's transaction history or card details.
  • Keep transactions clear
    • With their own RFID card and EVgo app access, you'll always know who initiated the charges in your EVgo account.
  • Provide independent use of EVgo services
    • Members can manage their own account details, transactions, and even vehicles, or payment methods (if they add their own).
  • Simplify contact with the EVgo Charging Crew
    • Our support team is available 24/7, 365 days a year because many users need support! Our team will always verify who is calling before assisting with an issue. When members have their own account, the team will verify the information on the Member account (not your main account), which often makes for a much smoother experience when we're needed!
  • Consolidate your EVgo Rewards™

As the main account owner, you will be responsible for managing the majority of your account details.


A note about EVgo Rewards™ and Member accounts

All Rewards points from member transactions are tied to the main EVgo account; this means that the main account holder will benefit from Member charging sessions.


Are you a Member of another EVgo account holder?

Member accounts allow you to use another main EVgo account for charging sessions, transaction history and receipts, as well as accessing your own RFID card and account to start charges. Because Member accounts use payment methods managed by the main account, any Member charging sessions will count toward the main EVgo account for EVgo Rewards™. 

If you would like to earn your own EVgo Rewards™, then consider signing up for a new EVgo plan. You can also learn more about Member accounts in EVgo Account FAQs: Account Members



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