Review your Charging Credits

You may have charging credits in your EVgo account for many reasons - most often, our drivers have credits due to special promotions or redeemed EVgo Rewards™ points.

You can review your EVgo Charging Credits balance and how the Charging Credits have been used in your Billing settings. Select your platform below for more details:


If you need additional assistance reviewing your charging credits, feel free to check out our Billing and Payment FAQ page or Submit a request to the EVgo Charging Crew. The team is committed to answering all requests within a business day.



Review Charging Credits in the EVgo app

  1. From the landing page, tap the menu icon () in the top left
  2. Select Payment & Billing within the Main Menu panel
  3. Select Transactions
  4. Any Account Credit will appear at the top of the Transactions screen
  5. Tips to see how your charging credits were earned or used:
    • Set the filters for the period when you either earned or used the charging credits if needed
    • Transactions fully covered by your charging credit will include the Credit icon (see below).
    • Tap the specific transaction to see the receipt and exact amount of account credit that the transaction used.

Credit icon: Account credit icon.png

App - transactions account credit highlight.png    App - account credit transaction breakdown.png



Review Charging Credits on the web (

  1. From the landing page, select Account
  2. Review your Charging Credit balance under your account number on the left panel
  3. To see how your charging credits were used:
    1. Select Billing Transactions from the left panel
    2. Set the filters for the time period when you either earned or used the charging credits


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