Make an account payment

EVgo offers same day billing for your charging activity. Monthly fees for any paid EVgo plans are billed monthly on your Anniversary Day automatically, and we will send you an email notification when this transaction takes place.

Your EVgo account may be billed in rare situations and require your action. Please call the EVgo Charging Crew at 877-494-3833 to make an additional payment on your account.

We've provided some example scenarios below:

  • Overstayed parking fees
    • In paid parking structures, drivers get a QR code to access the structure for 2.5 hours while they charge. If you overstay the 2.5 hour maximum time, then you will be charged for any additional parking fees.
    • Learn more about EVgo Access: Charging location QR codes
  • Charging session exceeds pre-authorization hold and payment method does not process
    • This is usually specific to debit or pre-paid credit cards where there are insufficient funds to cover the full charging session. You can update your payment method to process the remainder of the charging session.

Please note:

Your EVgo account will be frozen in instances where your account is negative. If you do not complete payment immediately, then your account will be suspended and sent to a collections agency.


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