Close your EVgo account

We're always sad to see our members go, but we understand that needs can change. Please know that we appreciate your business!


EVgo accounts cannot be closed if there is a remaining account balance. Submit a request to the EVgo Charging Crew if you have any questions regarding your account balance.



Close vs Delete your EVgo account

In general, we recommend that you close your EVgo account instead of deleting it. If you no longer have your EV or are simply enrolled in EVgo for a rental vehicle, then this is the best option if you may use EVgo again in the future.

The EV industry and infrastructure continues to expand worldwide. We've seen previous EVgo members unexpectedly need to use our services again, and our team can easily reopen a closed account at your request.


Close your EVgo account

Closing your account is similar to an inactive account, however it cannot be used to charge a vehicle unless you contact us to reopen it. EVgo prioritizes the safety of your personal information; per our Privacy Policy, "We do not sell (as that term is defined in the CCPA) Your personal information, period." See our full Privacy Policy.

To close your account, submit a request to the EVgo Charging Crew.


Delete your EVgo account

Upon request, EVgo is happy to close your account as well as delete your information entirely. Please know, however, that account deletion will completely remove your account and you would need to re-enroll if you choose to open another account.

We recommend that you submit a ticket to the EVgo Charging Crew, or you can request deletion in the EVgo app for iOS (Apple) devices.

If requested via the EVgo app, our team will review requests within 48 hours. You will receive an email confirmation when your account is deleted, and the deletion email will also include a copy of your final statement.


App Profile - delete.jpeg  App - request deletion page.jpeg





Reopening your closed EVgo account:

If you have previously closed your EVgo account and would like to rejoin EVgo, the EVgo Charging Crew can help! Please submit a request or call the team at 877-494-3833 for further assistance.

*Please know that if your account was previously deleted (not closed), the team may require more time to process the request.




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